Health Protocols

Health Protocols

Ostria Resort & Spa welcomes you again in a healthy and safe environment with newly established procedures and guidelines to ensure the health and wellness of our staff and guests.

Our safety procedures in place, as presented below, comply in full with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and Greek Health authorities’ health protocols against COVID-19 along with the health protocols issued by our company's partners (Tour Operators).

We would like to inform you that our accommodation complies with the special protocols of health content, on the basis of which the tourist enterprises operate in the context of taking measures against the COVID-19, as defined by the Joint Ministerial Decree No. 1881 / 29.5.2020. Decision of the Ministers of Finance - Health - Tourism (Government Gazette 2084 B '/ 29-5-2020).

The resort complex has received a "Health First" certification from the Ministry of Tourism, which proves that the company adheres to the health content protocols.

We would like to inform you that the company is not liable to any person directly or indirectly related to the coronary COVID-19, as it complies with the special protocols of health content and has the "Health First" certification mark (par. 5, article 60, n) 4688 / 24-5-2020).


  • •In collaboration with the Region of Crete and the Medical School of the University of Crete, we have employed certified personnel to apply current health protocols and monitor that safety procedures are followed thoroughly.
  • •All members of our staff have received specific training for the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and practice of all the safety rules.
  • •Staff members have their temperature checked every day before coming to work.
  • •Staff members are entitled to apply individual protection measures and social distancing rules among guests.


  • •Online check-in.
  • •Social distancing measures between guests and employees.
  • •Frequent disinfection of the reception and lobby area.
  • •Disinfection of all shared objects after use. 
  • •Key Cards disinfection after each use.
  • •Payment preferably by credit card.
  • •No welcome drink for health reasons. 
  • •Online check-out upon request. 
  • •Club Cars will operate only for carrying guests’ suitcases to/from the rooms. Exception will be made only for guests with limited mobility.


  • •Check-in 15:00 Check-out11:00, further to the Greek Ministry of Tourism instructions.
  • •To avoid frequent contact between housekeeping staff and guests, room Cleaning/disinfection and linen replacement will take place every 2 days.
  • •Regular room cleaning process includes disinfection by spraying all high-touch areas such as doorknobs, switches, furniture, bathroom fittings and WC accessories.
  • •In accordance to the regulations, tea & coffee facilities, bathrobes, slippers, extra covers and pillows as well as non-basic equipment like decorative items have been removed. Please feel free to contact the Reception for anything you may need.
  • •The only shared amenities allowed are single-use shampoo and bubble bath packs, which will be disposed after each departure.
  • •The Hotel directory is only available on Ostria channel.
  • •The usage of A/C in the room is at guests’ discretion. Fresh air ventilation is recommended.
  • •After every departure and before delivery to the next guests, further decontamination of the whole room takes place using a fogger device and disinfectant.


  • •Full compliance with all HACCP & ISO 22000 procedures.


  • •We have adapted our buffet to the new standards with placement of Plexiglas at guest service points and a protective divider (sneeze guards) in front of the food covering the entire food exposure area.
  • •Controlled flow of the Show cooking process
  • •Buffet servicing will be operated only by staff members.
  • •Hand sanitizer dispensers at all the entrances.


  • •Placement of Plexiglas at guest service points.
  • •Arrangement of tables, table seats and services provision according to the current health protocols for restaurants.
  • •Disinfection of tables and chairs after each use. 
  • •Hand sanitizer dispensers at all the entrances.
  • •Online Menu & single-use disposable menus. 
  • •Payment preferably by credit card.


  • •Mandatory hand sanitation at the entrance.
  • •Plexiglas placed at the reception.
  • •Frequent disinfection of all the areas and sanitisation of all shared objects after use.
  • •Towel use at the fitness centre is mandatory. 
  • •The indoor swimming pool as well as change rooms and lockers remain closed until further notice.
  • •Payment preferably by credit card.


  • •Social distancing measures between guests and employees. 
  • •Disinfection of all shared objects after each use. 
  • •Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • •The use of mask for indoor activities is mandatory.
  • •Masks are not mandatory for outdoor activities but social distancing is.
  • •For cardio (dynamic) activity a compulsory distance of 2 to 3 m is mandatory.
  • •For a fitness activity such as CAF, Stretching, etc... (static) a minimum distance of 2 m. is mandatory.

Available Animation activities during the day: 

  • •Pétanque, Ping Pong/Tennis, Tennis ball, Darts, Walking tour, Mölkky, Fitness course, Fun Games, Coffee Games, Looky Challenges/Lunchtime Games, Language Courses, Club dance, Introduction to dance Mini-Golf, Cookéa/Instant Toqué , Aqua gym, Aqua dynamic, Aqua combat, Aqua zumba, Aqua lookimba, Aqua jogging, Paddle, Paddle yoga, Pool Part

Evening Animation Shows  

  • •Shows are arranged to comply with the rules of social distancing.
  • •When more than 150 guests, shows will take place twice.


  • •The outdoor area carries markings on the floor (grid) so that guests can dance and have fun in groups (family or affinity groups), while keeping the required social distancing. 


  • •Indoor mini club remains closed until further notice. There are only outdoor activities that follow the childcare safety protocol for Covid-19.
  • •Throughout stay, kids must have their meals only with their family or affinity group. 
  • •The animators are not allowed to apply sun protection to the kids.


  • •The Teen Club will not operate until further notice. However, we have arranged an outdoor meeting place for our teenager guests with fun activities throughout the week.
  • •Throughout stay, teenagers must have their meals only with their family or affinity group.


  • •Increased hygiene protocols.
  • •Frequent disinfection & cleaning of public areas and toilets. 
  • •Disinfections dispensers available. 
  • •Social distancing is mandatory. 


  • •Please use only the sunbeds that have the special disinfection label on the umbrella and remove this label upon use.
  • •Sunbeds are arranged to maintain 2m minimum distance and should not be moved.
  • •There is frequent cleaning and disinfection at each pool area, sun beds and umbrellas. 
  • •Contact sports in the swimming pool, the sea and beach are not allowed.


  • •All equipment is disinfected after each use.
  • •Social distancing measures. 


  • •5-seat vehicle can carry only 2- passengers, along with the driver. 
  • •6 or 7-seat vehicle, can carry 3-passengers, along with the driver
  • •8 or 9-seat vehicle can carry 4-passenger transport, excluding driver.
  • •Family members with children under 18 are excluded from the above limitations.
  • •Decontamination by spraying all frequent contact points of cars after each use.


  • •Mandatory hand sanitation at the entrance.
  • •Social distancing measures between guests and employees 
  • •Frequent disinfection of the boutique premises. 
  • •Disinfection of all shared objects after use.
  • •Payment preferably by credit card.


  • •The hotel has acquired the Health First certification by the Greek Ministry of Tourism
  • •A doctor and medical assistance are available 24/7 on call basis. For any such issue please contact the reception.
  • •All disinfectant and salinization products we use are approved by the Hellenic Drug Organization and have passed the EN ΕΝ14476+Α1 virucidal test.
  • •The above health protocols in place are in accordance with the instructions of the Greek Tourism Ministry to the hotels for their safe reopening and operation in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and may be revised and modified at any time by Greece’s Public Health Organization according to the development.
  • •For the purposes of public health protection, the accommodation management and administration keeps a record of staff members and all persons residing in the hotel - name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) - to make it possible to communicate with in the event of a COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterwards.

Attention is also paid to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all visitors are informed that a file is kept for reasons of public health protection only.

  • •The company has special equipment (medical kit) just in case there is an occurrence of a suspected case, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved gown and a laser thermometer.
  • •Mr. Stavrakakis Yiannis has been appointed as the responsible coordinator of the hotel complex, for the observance of the hotel’s Action Plan, in the context of the measures against the COVID-19.
  • •Mr. Tzarakis Emmanouil has been appointed as the responsible coordinator of the hotel complex, for the Suspected COVID-19 case management.
  • •Mr. Zampetakis Fanourios has been appointed as the contracted doctor of the hotel complex, for the Suspected COVID-19 cases.

ADDITIONAL MEASURES (last updated 08 Aug 2020)

  • •Until 31 August 2020 it is MANDATORY the use of face protection mask by staff and visitors in all indoor areas as well as outdoors where the measure of social distance can not be observed (Government Gazette 3330 / Β / 8-8-2020).
  • •Until 31 August 2020 in all food and beverage stores, ONLY seated customers are allowed. Standing customers are not allowed (Government Gazette 3165 / Β / 31-7-2020, extension gscp20200807.pdf).

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