Soins visage et corps

Soins visage et corps

Rajeunissant et rafraîchissant

Notre visage est le miroir de notre monde intérieur. Toutes nos émotions y sont représentées. Les soins du visage améliorent notre image, retardent le vieillissement, permettent de récupérer l'élasticité de la peau et rende la peau brillante et douce. Dans nos thérapies nous avons choisi pour vous les meilleurs produits cosmétiques de CHARMED’ORIENT PARIS et TEGODER COSMETICS. Toutes nos thérapies contiennent lotion, peeling, masque du visage, sérum et crèmes de jour. Nous proposons également des massages des pieds et des mains.


    Anti-ageing and moisturizing treatment. Discover the anti-aging treatment based exclusively on Argan oil rich in fatty acids, omega-9 and omega-6 and one of the rarest oils, as they need 100 lbs of dried fruit and 8 to 10 hours for the production of about one litre of oil. A firming and moisturizing treatment based on the beneficial properties of the mineral pearl and the nutrients offered by Argan Oil, royal jelly and beeswax. Enjoy the perfect look of your face, by being wonderful and glowing like a pearl.


    Multi-vitamin therapy with treasures from Corfu. Tonic therapy, rich in vitamins, to protect the face skin. A special cocktail of nutrients with Chios mastic, green apple, kumquat, sacred lotus, seawater naturally filtered by the Earth's rocks, vitamins C and E, will offer your skin an unsurpassed sense of rejuvenation and hydration Appropriate for protection against  harmful radiation of the sun.


    Regeneration and firming treatment with red Mediterranean extracts. Discover the treatment based exclusively on the regenerating, firming and anti-aging properties of the root of the Alkanna plant. The enhanced antioxidant complex, enriched with Chios Mastic, Alkanna extracts, gooseberry and iris flowers, enhances the natural process of cell renewal, contributing visibly to the fight against ageing and to the repair of skin damage.


    Moisturizing and nourishing treatment with royal jelly and rose petals.Treatment dedicated to Princess Ariadne and the evergreen flower of Myrtle! Rose petals, honey, royal jelly and pollen give the skin of your face softness, nourishment and deep hydration. At the same time, the extract of Myrtle flowers in combination with the miraculous Acmella extract, will restore the elasticity of the skin, smoothing considerably the fine lines.


    Anti-aging treatment with precious stones from Serifos. The treasures of nature. The ultimate anti-ageing and firming treatment enriched with gemstones pink quartz (stone of Love), aquamarine (Water of the Sea) and moonstone (Stone of Dreams). A beauty care that in combination with Evening Star oil extracts and Mediterranean coral, contributes visibly to the renewal of the skin. The ultimate source of life and youth.


    Anti-ageing intensive moisturizing and nourishing treatment. Male skin needs hydration and deep nourishment. A specialized anti-aging treatment, specially formulated for the needs of the male skin. It contains royal Jelly, Mediterranean coral, wild rose and evening primrose oils. The ingredients of the products that are applied are designed to help cellular renewal and regeneration of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and giving glow and rejuvenation 


    Rejuvenation and Renewal Therapy. A body treatment based on the beneficial properties offered by the Rosebush exfoliation and Argan oil. The treatment is completed with relaxing massage throughout the body with hot aromatic oils and butter karite giving the skin a soft and silky texture.


    Deep nourishing treatment with royal jelly, sesame and Argan oil. Inspired by Mediterranean and eastern products. A very nutritious and highly rejuvenating treatment for dry and dehydrated skin. The mineral salt enriched with honey, vitamin E and aromatic oils exfoliate the body which then will be embraced with a creamy silky mask of butters, royal jelly, sesame seeds, and Argan oil. A complete body treatment that enhances the skin's natural defenses, giving shine and softness to the skin at the same time. 


    Firming and moisturizing Treatment. The miracle of nature and the beauty secret of Cleopatra. The healing properties of clay have been for centuries recognized as one of the richest forms of minerals and metals. You only have to lay back and let the mineral salt and mud in combination with Argan oil take care of you. A complete treatment that is known for its antioxidant capabilities as well as improving blood circulation and rejuvenating your skin. 


    Detoxification Therapy with Cretan herbs. Indulge yourself in a journey of herbs and feel your skin smooth and soft. The olive grains in combination with iris flowers and selected Cretan herbs, such as dittany and Saffron, exfoliate your skin in depth, and help it to regain its elasticity. Rejuvenate every part of your body with an enriched mask with sacred basil, Mediterranean coral and lemongrass, known for their detoxifying and healing properties.


    Moisturizing treatment with the valuable treasures of Crete. An experience of relaxation and wellness that frees the mind and calms the body! The pleasure begins with the exfoliation of rose petals and Mediterranean corals from the coasts of Crete and Rhodes and continues with the application of a nutrient mask containing organic honey, bee pollen and royal jelly. The treatment completes a relaxing massage, with warm aromatic pouches and oils from dittany and Cretan saffron, that gives the skin deep nourishment, hydration and silky texture.


    Anti-aging treatment with gold leaves and gemstones. An anti-aging and firming treatment of the body skin that results in a smooth, glowing and revitalized skin! The treatment includes exfoliation with aromas of jasmine and gardenia flowers and application of a luxurious body mask with 24k gold leaf, which offers anti-aging action thanks to gemstones pink quartz (stone of love), aquamarine (stone of sea), and moonstone (stone of dreams). The treatment is completed with a relaxing massage with starflower oil (borage oil) a mythical herb that helps to stimulate both soul and body.


    Body peeling is essential for the rejuvenation and renewal of our skin. Peeling helps the skin get rid of dead cells and cleanse. The end result of peeling is that your body produces elastin and collagen. Peeling with mineral salt honey aroma oils and royal jelly. Peeling with wild rose beans dipped in Argan oil. Peeling with white sugar crystals and gardenias and jasmine extracts.Peeling with olive grains, rose petals, iris flowers and Mediterranean coral from the coasts of Rhodes-Crete.


    After-Sun Body treatment with yogurt and water lily. A body treatment that promises to give your skin immediate relief after sun exposure. A refreshing mask in the form of cream, enriched with water lily, cucumber, aloe and yogurt, replenishes the lost moisture and lipids of your skin giving rich hydration and feeling of softness.


    Moisturizing and Nourishing Facial treatment. A very nutritious face mask enriched with the moisturizing and soothing properties that Arganier butter, wild Rose oil extracts, rose water and beeswax offers.


    Face treatment After-Sun with sea aroma. The ultimate care after sunbathing! Start the treatment with refreshing drops of sea scent and indulge in a unique for the face moisturizing experience, which restores and softens the skin, thanks to the rich composition of the mask which contains oak flour, Chios mastic and comfrey.            


    Eye treatment with gooseberry extracts. Intensive treatment with soothing and anti-inflammatory action for the sensitive eye area, with herbal extracts of aloe, gooseberry, Rusko and evening primrose oil.


    Enjoy this unique treatment as you lay down on a water heated surface. Here, you are about to discover the new magical water experience in combination with chromotherapies and the nutrients offered by the body scrub with rock salt, royal jelly and Butter Κarite


    Deep nourishing and moisturizing Bath. A shower treatment that originated back in ancient Egypt that uses milk and honey, as the Greek Goddess herself knew how to enjoy. Honey is used because of its high hydration abilities, while milk makes sure you will get a smooth and velvet skin. 


    Detox Bath. This shower treatment holds all the beauty secrets of Dead Sea. A warm shower, with scented healing salts, that offers relaxation and promotes health. Salts are known for their high consistency in minerals and metals such  as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and many more. Salts not only act as antioxidants to the body but also while they melt and are absorbed they are become an endless source of energy.


    Private Hammam with temperature at 49 ºC  and 100% humidity. The treatment of Hammam is combined with a mask of your choice. The client puts the mask on himself inside the Hammam. Detox: Mask with lemon grass, Mediterranean coral and sacred basil. Nourishment: Thermal mud from the Dead Sea with Αrgan oil, rich in trace elements and minerals.


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