Thalassa Sea Side Bar Restaurant

Thalassa Sea Side Bar Restaurant

Sea Food Delights by the Beach

Let yourself free in an elegant yet genial context and get ready to delight all your senses. Each dish combines Cretan -  Mediterranean recipes with emotions, history and experimentation and becomes a memorable experiential journey for the palate and sight.

Greek cuisine featuring creative seafood

Dishes that revolutionize Greek sea food in an refined and creative, yet familiar way which transform dining into a multidimensional sensational experience.   

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Private Seaside Dining

A unique experience

Our private Dining by the beach is considered to be the quintessence of true romance.

A table for two on the beach just few feet away from the gently breaking waves and under the star lights. Impeccable personalized service and delicious cuisine.

These are the components for an utterly perfect night. We can further customize according to your personal preferences with live music, candle lights, fireworks, or other details to create a night to be remembered.


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