Policy Statement

To protect the local and global environment of the Earth and to minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services.


  • • To comply with all compliance obligations, where these relate to our environmental aspects.
  • • To employees and anyone associated with our organization, constant support, direction and encouragement to meet the requirements, depending on their role.
  • • To integrate the environmental management system into all the organization's activities.
  • • To protect the environment, prevents pollution and meets other specific relevant commitment(s).
  • • To minimise waste to landfill by reducing our waste generation and by segregating and recycling waste where economically and operationally feasible.
  • • Uses energy, water, materials and other natural resources as efficiently as possible, giving particular regard to the long-term sustainability of consumable items.
  • • To work with local businesses, neighbours, partners or suppliers to encourage commitment and improvement in our local environment.
  • • To support other relevant management roles to demonstrate leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.
  • Our Vision

To educate all parties involved with our organization (employees, customers, external partners, etc.) about the importance of environmental management in order to consume less energy and to put as few contaminants as possible in the environment. 

Our Mission:

To operate our organization in a way that leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint to help maintain a healthy and clean environment.

Our Commitment:

We commit ourselves to complying with all the legal regulations and requirements of our customers by continuously improving the effectiveness of the environmental management system requirements by continuously and uninterrupted providing the necessary resources for this purpose.


  • •Teamwork 
  • •Innovation 
  • •Knowledge 
  • •Excellence 
  • •Integrity 
  • •Honesty 
  • •Loyalty 
  • •Respect 
  • •Reliability 
  • •Adaptability 
  • •Accountability 
  • •Passion

  • Tzarakis Georgios
  • General Manager
  • Ostria Resort & SPA

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